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Statistical Designs was founded in 1983 to promote quality in research, development, and manufacturing through the use of statistically designed experiments and the statistical analysis of data. We provide short courses and consulting to other organizations so they can rapidly develop products and processes that have exceptional quality characteristics.

On-Site Courses:

All Statistical Designs short courses can be given in-house at substantial savings.

To find out more about these on-site courses, contact Statistical Designs at (281) 841-3992

Other Public Offerings:

Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data

  Boston, MAAugust 14-16, 2015  
  Edison, NJOctober 19-21, 2015  
  Houston, TXDecember 1-3, 2015  
Fundamentals of Experimental Design

  Philadelphia, PAMay 4-6, 2015  
  Chicago, ILSeptember 14-16, 2015  
  Houston, TXDecember 1-3, 2015  
HPLC Methods Development

  Edison, NJOctober 19-20, 2015  
To find out more about these open enrollment sessions or to register, contact the American Chemical Society: (800) 227-5558 ext. 4508

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